Respectable law makes you feel secure

Law is made equal for everyone in society as all are equal in the eye of the law, the person who is innocent will get the justice and right to stand in the society and the person who is criminal will the punishment under the punishable act according to his/her crime. Law gives the full right to the person to fight against the crime and gives the full freedom to speak and prove him/her innocence. There are many crimes which talks place in world like; theft, murder, illegal actions, torcher and many more crimes for which there are sections which decides how to punish them and for how much period of time.

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Save from criminals;

There is special law made for criminals and punish them hard so that the next person thinks twice of making any crime in the society. It is also known as penal law under which it acts on the crimes. There are special investigation team who investigates for the crime scenes and collect proves to punish them, there is special department for all this such as; CID (crime investigation department), CBI (central bureau of investigation) and special officers for investigation. Even if any officer found taking any kind of bribe from the criminal will be suspended and his/her license will be cancelled. They help a lot by;

  • They frequently investigate for all the crimes so that they can find out the criminal as soon as possible.
  • They collect all the proofs from the crime place which helps them to reach the person easily.
  • Their team work together and on the bases of all the procedure done they make a decision according to it.
  • All the different crimes have different punishments under the sections made by the law and if there is something minor or any situation that they can’t enter a court, in that case he/she can imprison the criminal on the behalf of the sections made.

Law rules and disciplines;

Law has its own many rules and disciplines which keeps the society equal and can easily fight for his/her rights. There are some rules for law society is;

  • Labor law; under this law employee has the right to strike if his/her rights are not given to them like; their health and safety, job security and salary not given on time.
  • Human rights; under this law human has full right to live in the society freely and have right to fight against the wrong thing happening and also have the right to stand with the people who are fighting for the benefit of the society.
  • Evidence; you should have proper proofs to case a file in the court and prove you innocent.
  • Social security; under this law human has full right to get his/her life secure through insurance and by doing jobs according to their choice.
  • Family law; human has full right to marry according to his/her choice, can file divorce cases and fight for property rights.


Law provides full security to the public to be secure from criminals by giving the punishments and also gives the right to live life with freedom.